Letters I Never Sent


Letters I Never Sent


Letters I Never Sent - CD

Angela Vicente's original debut album, Letters I Never Sent, is a passage from people, ideas, and selves left behind. Deciding to move on ("Let It Go") may not wash out the past ("Can't Get Him Off of Your Hand"). Progress may lead to forks in the road ("Still Motion"), roadblocks ("The Trouble"), and dead ends ("Sewing My Dress for Another"). Sometimes an awaited arrival may never come ("Godot"), and other times we mistakenly depart ("To Know").

But in this bittersweet journey, there are new beginnings.
"Gigi and Ninja" introduces a pair who make common ground despite differences and limitations. They remind us to greet the unexpected with open arms, knowing a world of goodbyes offers as many hellos. 

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All music and lyrics by Angela Vicente (BMI)

Angela Vicente: vocals, piano, keys, percussion
Chris Hackman: bass
Jens Kuross: drums (3 4 8) and organ (2)
Ken Belcher: guitars and mandolin
Michael Lindsay: drums (1 2 5 7)
Ross Garren: harmonica (2), organ (3), Rhodes (4 8)
Justin Vande Kerk: additional vocals
Andrea Hammond: violin
Larissa Fedoryka: cello
Miles Senzaki: bgvs and additional percussion

Recording and mixing: Miles Senzaki at Grandma's Dojo Studio
Mastering: TW Walsh
Executive producers: Michael Lindsay and Angela Vicente
Co-producers: Ricardo & Holly Robaina
Photos: Taso Papadakis
Design: Albert Chiang

Copyright 2016

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